Corporate video

Corporate videos are aimed for a specific audience, to visualise employee-, brand-, or corporate stories and reach a specific goal.

There are different kinds of corporate videos for example: product launches, event advertising, professional training videos, and videos for your next conference meeting.

Why it's essential

Nowadays your customers need to see engaging videos that grasp their attention. Many businesses have realized the importance of videos to compete with the ongoing competition.

Corporate videos help in gaining your target audience, enhances engagement and conveys the required message.

How much does it cost to
create a corporate video?

The cost verifies, depending on the style, complexity, and graphics implemented in the video. A corporate video typically costs $500-$4000.

How long does it take to
create a social media video?

It depends on the length of the video, style, and complexity. Normally the production process is 4-7 weeks.

Styles of videos

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