The process

This is exactly how we'll make your video.



Tell us all the details - the more the better. Any documentation will be welcomed. In the meantime, we invite you to our project management timeline to visualize the production process with us.



A video delivers a message through visuals and sound. That's why we develop a script that combines audio (voice-over) and the visuals parallel to each other. We use Google docs for live editing to assure fast and responsive workflow.


design & storyboard

We start brainstorming. Later on, we sketch a draft of what the video will look like in close cooperation with you. At this point, we decide the base-ground for the design. We make sure that you will get precisely what you envisioned.


voice over

We send you a list of voice-over artists you can choose from. We work with professional voice over artists from all over the world. You can tell us which dialect, gender, and style of narration you want, and we will find the perfect narrator for you.



The magic begins here. Animation brings your ideas to life and turns it into a complete video. From simple objects moving on the screen to fully illustrated human characters. Anything you wish for!


music & sound

As the animation is under progress, we input sound effects and send you a list of suitable background music. We can not underline enough what a big difference sound design and music make for the emotional impact of the video.


high-quality video

Just some small tweaks from our last feedback-loop, and it is done! We deliver you the video in any format, aspect ratio, with or without subtitles. Now you are all set to show it to the world!

Tell us your idea, and we'll contact you shortly.