Interactive video

interactive video

Let your viewer control the story.

What is an interactive video?

An interactive video gives the viewer the ability to take action and decide what they want to watch. Thus, making the video more personal.

Users can click, drag, scroll, and other digital actions to interact with the video.

The advantages of interactive video

The viewer only watches what they find interesting, resulting in higher completion rates, increased customer satisfaction and crystal-clear delivery of your message.


You publish

On your front page, social media, business meeting or presentation – wherever you desire.


We monitor

Views, completion rates, share rates, engagements and platforms.

Questions you might ask us

The cost verifies, depending on the style, length and complexity. Interactive video typically costs $4000-$8000.

To ensure the best results possible, the production process commonly takes 6-9 weeks. It also depends on how quickly we complete our feedback loops and revisions. 

7 steps compose the process:

1. We listen
2. Script Writing
3. Design & storyboard
4. Voice-over
5. Animation
6. Music & Sound editing
7. High quality video

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There are many types of video styles we produce:

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