Social media video

Videos on social media generate 12 times more shares than text and images combined.​

You want to engage your followers and get more interactions, likes, and comments on your social media posts. To reach that goal you need captive content that makes the user stop scrolling and start interacting.

That’s precisely why you should invest in videos for social media, that tell staggering stories about your product and make your followers feel more related to your brand.

Get the viewer's attention

We know what works on social media and what doesn’t. We know the first 2 seconds are crucial and we’ll make damn sure to produce animations that people want to watch and engage with.

How much does it cost to
create a social media video?

The cost verifies, depending on the style, complexity, and length of the video. Social media video usually costs $500-$4000.

How long does it take to
create a social media video?

It depends on the length of the video, style, and complexity. Normally the production process is 4-7 weeks.

Quick tip

Video advertising is proven to be highly efficient but videos that are directly uploaded to Facebook have 6x more interactions than other video players (Youtube, Vimeo, website links, etc). The reason is that Facebook rewards users that upload directly to Facebook. ​

Also, when you upload your video directly to Facebook, it will
automatically start playing when viewers scroll down – and this is where we come in: we want the viewer to stop scrolling when they see your video and make them intrigued enough to watch more.

Styles of videos

From advanced 3D Animations to artistic 2D. There are many styles to choose from.

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